Darkhei Rephua is an Entheogenically Inclusive 501c3 Jewish nonprofit seeking solutions to unhealthy patterns and systems, with the ultimate goal of human and natural liberation. Our source inspirations include the Torah and an application of Natural Heimish culture and principles inspired by Traditional Chasiduth and Neo-Hasidism


Our mission is to cultivate sustainable communities rooted in direct connection to nature. Our belief is that the path to healthy relationships with Self, Source, & Community are in direct parallel to our relationship with water, sun, soil and plants. Darkhei Rephua seeks to practice Jewish cultural and textual principles toward paradigms that are inclusive, liberating, and equitably empowering to communities of all faith and cultural streams.


Our goal is to support the development of regenerative communities rooted in connection and interaction with Nature. We will particularly focus on those elements of our society and selves that have been disconnected from nature, or aspects of it that can improve human wellness and experience.

We will focus on three Bedrock elements

Community Cultivation that applies models for living and healing

Media that informs and empowers

Religious and Cultural outreach, education, and pollination